Chicago in a Nutshell

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Saturday 23rd
We arrived in the afternoon and explored the city, mainly photographing the bean (cloud gate) a zillion times, finding the start of route 66, watching the Parade which takes place the Saturday before Thanksgiving, We wanted to stay to watch the fireworks but got far too cold and tired.

Sunday 24th
Woke up early and got the bus down to John Hancock centre where we ate a gorgeous breakfast and had the most amazing hazlenut chocolate mocha before hitting the many shops.

Monday 25th
We ate breakfast at a great place called yolk which someone gave me as a tip off via instagram. We walked around Michigan park before heading to the Art Institute. There was a nice sprinkling of snow. In the evening we visited Navy Pier, had drinks at Margarita Ville, then ate a lovely tavern called Sweet Water.

Tuesday 26th
 There was a whole host of great cafes, restaurants and bars down from our hotel along Michigan Avenue and I had seen this Artist Cafe, which every time I passed I'd say 'I want to go here!' We finally had breakfast here, before walking to Chicago Loop area for the Christkindl Market. In the evening we saw ELF the musical, which was SO good, I can't even!

Wednesday 27th
Beautiful clear sunny day, so we decided it would be the best day to go up the Willis Tower and see the landscapes of the whole of Chicago and to explore the skydeck. After sitting 103 feet up in the sky, on clear glass, we caught the bus to Lincoln park zoo. We finally ate some proper Chicago style pizza at Ginos East, Went to the cinema and saw the new Disney creation 'frozen' (pretty apt!) After we went to the John Hancock observatory to see the twinkling sights of the city.

Thursday 28th
 It was Thanksgiving Day or Turkey Day as Americans like to call it. We went out super early in the bitter cold to get good spots for the parade, which was a lot of fun but we started to freeze and get in pain again so decided to go back to the hotel and watch the remainder tucked up in bed eating snacks. We went out for Thanksgiving dinner, drank prosecco, exchanged gifts which we had bought for one another and tried Pumpkin Pie... which none of us were really a fan of! 

Friday 29th
Got the subway to Wicker Park, shopped and ate before going to Speak Easy tattoo parlour... all four of us had something so we spent pretty much the whole afternoon there, laughing and being in pain!

Saturday 1st December
Last day in Chi Town... meant Cheesecake Factory for breakfast, Photographs with Santa, Fitting in some last minute pizza at Giordanos before crashing out in the hotel lobby.

Great place for breakfast and brunch.

I had the most amazing little scotch style pancakes here!

Red Velvet Cheese Cake... need I say more?!

This is were we ate our Thanksgiving buffet meal. It's a really fun place to visit, as you can imagine by the name, it did in fact use to be an old fire station. Complete with fireman's pole.

Amazing burgers, fries, drinks, all at very affordable prices.

Famous and Well known around Chicago for there amazing and original deep dish pizzas. Adam from Man V Food also visited here for the show. The whole of the walls are covered it writing graffiti... although they are moving premises so the impressive array of doodles and messages will be no longer!
Wicker Park: 
For thrift shops, bakeries, dive bar, cool neighbourhood. 
It's a bit like Notting Hill/ Old Street in London. 

Lincoln Park:
A visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo which is free is a must do.
 Great scenes of the city scape from a different perspective as well. 

Ferris Wheel, Lights, Food and fun. 

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