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Sorry this is a bit of a photo heavy Nutshell type post of my recent activities and adventures. Two weeks ago was my 24th Birthday (Remember, Remember, Remember the 5th of November...)  and I spent the weekend before it seeing some friends, having dinner and drinks in Covent Garden as well as eating cake at Choccy Woccy Doodah. How amazing is my macaron, unicorn, bunting cake... it's me in cake form pretty much! My sister treated me to a spa day at the beautiful Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells. We enjoyed some cheeky champagne at lunch before our treatments. In the evening we dined Downtown Abbey style and was in bed nice by 10, total relaxition couple of days... Bliss!

1. The day we came back from the spa was my Brother and his girlfriend Lucy's leaving drinks in Battersea. Lucy emigratted back to Australia this Thursday and my Brother has a month extra in the U.K before he heads out to start his new life over there with her. 

2. Met up with Rhiannon for cake and a stroll around South Kensington before enjoying Chinese at Amy's Family restaurant for a shared birthday dinner. How amazing is the Cat dress that Rhi made me?! In love!  

3. I also caught up with some of my family, before Lucy left my Aunt and Uncle came over for the day with their new pup Buddy, the most beautiful Labradoodle that I ever did see. So playful and lovely (Gatsby was not a fan though!) We had a country pub lunch and drinks and chatted endlessly as the rain poured outside. 

4.It's no secret that I am a massive Christmas enthusiast. I'm the first to admit that I love a cheesy festive song and I cant get enough of holiday movies. London really does buzz at this time of year, decoration everywhere, ice-rinks popping up all over the place, German markets, Winter Wonderland... you name it and I'm there! On Thursday evening me and Rhiannon spent the afternoon in Carnaby street, that evening was the switch on of their lights, they had lots going on, free drinks, 20% off, singers, dancers, sweets, candyfloss and popcorn. After another free drink we headed to Selfridges to meet Alexa!

5. After work on Saturday this week we had to collect our tickets for Chicago from Thomas Cook and decided to check out the South bank Christmas market which had just started up again, it was completely rammed but the atmosphere and smell is always amazing. We had dinner outside Wagamama's (thank the lord for heated umbrellas) and listened to the hustle and bustle of the market around us. We walked around the City at night drinking mulled wine before going to a Dark Circus party at the Bloomsbury Ballroom which I had free tickets too. 
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Andrea said...

Hi Jaymie <3 Lovely blog!

Bianca said...

Looks like you had a awesome Birthday that cake looks amazeballs!! Xo

Mirror of Fashion said...

Very cool pics! The Alexa Chung book is high on my christmas wish list. Crossing fingers I'll find it under the tree :-)