Jaymie in Versailles

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Ever since I first saw the now cult classic movie 'Marie Antoinette' from the ever creative mind of Sophie Coppolla I had wanted to visit the dreamy Château de Versailles in all of her grandeur, stunning gardens and distinctly french interiors. 

You might know already that I'm a bit of a history nerd, I love visiting castles, palaces, period dramas... you name it. So you can imagine that I'm just as interested in the history of Versailles, French monarchy and the revolution as well as Antoinette herself for quite some time and ever since I have wanted to visit the exquisitely lavish Palace just outside of Paris.

When planning a little weekend getaway with two of my favourite people of all time (Mother O'C and the sister) I wanted to fit in a day at the exceptionally lavish Versailles which is just outside of Paris. With only a 30 minute double-decker train ride transporting you to a different world. The day started out cloudy and then the sun made it's appearance as we took a tour of the gardens and had a wander.

The Gardens and the canal were my favourite part of the day. I could picture myself laying down in the long blades of grass, feeling the sunshine on my cheeks, getting lost in the mazes, splashing around in the fountains and relaxing in a row boat on the canal. I'm already planning a return visit for Summer to explore Versailles again when it's a little less busy and have a chance to see the Marie Antoinette estate as we didn't have time.

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