Let Them Eat Cake


'Let Them Eat Cake' a proposition I'm not likely to turn down is the infamous quote that never was uttered, painted upon Dolce Dolce's window. You know that you're in for a treat when you visit the beautifully decked out Dolce Dolce in Purley. You might remember a while back I posted some photographs from my new favourite cake emporium. Featured in wedding magazine after wedding magazine, the illustrious Vogue and even making one of my favourite people Richard Ayoade into a sweet treat icing decoration for this years Big Fat Quiz of the year.

A few of weeks ago, My Sister and I went to a champagne afternoon tea that was being hosted at Dolce Dolce. I went during my lunch break from work (it's only around the corner, praise the lord... curse my waistline!) and for that hour we were transported to a pastel, floral, cake induced dream. 

♥ Five minutes with Antoinette ♥

Tell me a little bit about yourself...
I am Antoinette, born in Canada, moved to the UK 8 years ago for my husband. I have a background in Fashion Design and also took some courses in Interior Design. I guess you can say I have always been an artist trying to find her medium.

Ive always been the type to love studying and learning new things, so when my mother in law suggested we take cake design courses together I agreed, in the end I enjoyed it so much I continued taking courses which eventually led to where I am.

When did the dream of Dolce Dolce become reality?
 From when I can remember I have always wanted my own boutique. When I was studying Fashion I always thought it would be a clothing and accessories boutique, little did I know years later it would be for sweets!! But that’s how Dolce Dolce all started actually, I was at a wedding show for some of my bridal accessories and brought along some cupcakes I designed for a dessert table and one week later I was approached by notonthehighstreet.com to sell them online! And well that’s actually where ‘Dolce Dolce’ began.

I originally started this from my home kitchen but as my business expanded so did the space I needed, especially when Harpers Bazaar featured our ‘Faberge Egg Cake’ It was December 2012 and I was inundated with orders that I couldn’t fill in time for Christmas, my home started looking like a dessert factory! that’s when I started to look for a studio space where I could hold my consultations for wedding clientele and work, when I found this space I realised that it might be a nice idea to turn it into my very own ‘cake boutique’ rather than just a studio.

Sum up the shop in a sentence?
Marie Antoinette’s very own ‘Cake Boutique’

What inspires you the most?
Everything! Coming from a Fashion background I naturally tend to look at the fashion world, and idea for a cake may come from the flow of a certain fabric in a Valentino dress or perhaps from a Lanvin shoe! I also look at architecture and nature for inspiration. (And of course Versailles!)

What is your favourite cake to eat and what is your favourite one to make?
Ive loved strawberries from ever since I can remember so perhaps any cake / pastry with strawberries.

My favourite to make would have to be Opera Cake, it has many different layers and elements and takes forever to make! But in the end it feels like such an accomplishment when you cut into it and see all the hard work that went into creating such a beauty.

What can we expect from Dolce Dolce in the future?
We are really concentrating on the wedding Industry and having our name synonymous with unique & beautiful wedding cakes. Who knows maybe one day we will have boutiques all over London (and hopefully one in Canada too! ;)

 Not only do they make the best cupcakes and macaroons (and I've tried a lot) they are also some of nicest ladies around, always smiling and attentive and Antoinette is clearly very creative, talented and has a real passion and is a lady after my own heart. I always enjoy popping in for a quick chat and obviously a cake or two. 

Find Them:
10 Purley High Street
CR8 2AA 

If you like Cake, Tea, Marie Antoinette, Pastel, Fashion, Paris, then you need to pay Dolce Dolce a visit, you can even come have a cup of tea with me :) now how could you refuse that...

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Rebecca Tan said...

Oh my goodness this place looks simply perfect! the cakes- hello nutella filled muffins!! yes yes yes!! looks like you had a fabulous time! xxx

Valeria said...

Oh My ! this place looks like Marie Antoinette, pastel pink heaven :) So many beautiful (and I guess, delicious too) pastries !
It sees you had a wonderful time and I am glad for it :)


Sarah said...

Oh wow! This is just up the road from me too! Must pop along and have a look!

Sugar Spun Sisters said...

Such stunning photography - you're a very talented lady!

Eve & Faye x
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