Rose Scented Dreams

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In the OC garden.

Again I'm starting off with being apologising for pretty rubbish. This week I've been pretty ill a couple of days and ended up leaving work half way through the day because I've been feeling so poorly! Apart from being ill, I've been watching The Returned - So bloody good! Stressing over how hot it is (so british of us but... it's a bit to hot isn't it, my meak english body can't take it!) I'm fed up of the muggy and clammy nights. I've also been stressing over packing for Bennicassim, Making sure all plane tickets, hostel, hotel reservations and tickets are printed (i'm not good at that stuff!) 

Saturday evening I finally met up with some of my favourite blogger ladies. Ella, Jazmine and Rebecca. To celebrate Jazmines 21st. Her mum had organised her a brilliant suprise party in Wimbledon and I'm so glad I went and finally got to meet her and celebrate her evening. It was so much fun and we danced pretty much until we left. 

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Lucy Farrington said...

I hope you feel better soon!! ^.^ Sounds like you've been having a super time - and enjoy your holiday! I hate packing and get veryvery uncontrollably stressed too..I always end up over-packing! ^.^;
flawedfairytale fashion blog ^.^