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I went back to work on Tuesday this week, still feeling tired and sluggish from post holiday blues! I'm still missing Tunisia but I'm looking forward to my trip to Madrid, Bennicaism and Valencia next week... I just feel totally un-prepared though! I've had a pretty full and tiring week and feel I really need to sort my motivation out as I have been rubbish! I managed to get my bum down to the gym three times though, twice to do spin and for a yoga session on Sunday which was wunderbar. I was also featured in the new issue of Making Jewellery magazine, with a small review on this little ole blog!

I saw Despicable Me 2 on Wednesday, the first one is one of my all time favourite animations, it cracks me up. The 2nd does not disappoint and the ending had me in stitches! 

So it's been a little bit hot this week, nor? It's been gloriously sunny. I just hate it at night when it's so clammy and I can't sleep (I have to complaining about the weather at some point... even if it is nice!) The weekend I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show musical, which was so much fun and yesterday I met up with one of my best friends yesterday who I hadn't seen in a while and we headed down to bask  in the evening sun in Brighton, grab a couple of drinks, Ice-cream and have a wander, perfect night!

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Gillian said...

I went to Valencia last month, it's amazing! Hope you enjoy it!