Dolce Dolce


This is just a quick introduction to my favourite new cake boutique which has just opened down the road from me. It's called Dolce Dolce and is situated at 10 High Street in Purley. I popped in yesterday  to have a chat, buy some cakes and take some snaps.

'Imagine yourself in a vast candle lit room, mirrored walls all around you, gold and crystals dripping from the walls, statues all around, ceiling high glass cabinets encasing the most beautiful specimens & objects of time; art, silks, jewelled eggs, exotic birds, golden apples, gilded leaves and butterflies all encased as if frozen in time….this is the wondrous world where Dolce Dolce finds their true inspiration.'

When I heard that a Marie Antoinette themed cake and patisserie shop would be open just across the road from where I work as well (uh-oh... luckily my gyms only 10 minutes away too) I was super excited and I just knew that I would love everything about it. I will be going to an afternoon champagne tea  at the end of this month, where I will take more photos and do more of an in depth post and introduce you to the lovely ladies of Dolce Dolce. 

P.s I had the rose macarons and chocolate cupcake yesterday... Divine!

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Kelly said...

That is SUCH a cool shop! I love food shops that have specialties like this, and I totally wish I lived near one!

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Rebecca Tan said...

This place looks perfect!! I so want to go! pink eclairs! yes please. Marie Antoinette themed! genius! xxx