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After Madrid we got on one of the nicest trains, I have ever been on. There was SO much leg room, breezy air con and comfortable chairs. Perfect for a 3.5 hour journey to Benincaissim. 

When we arrived at the station, we had some dramas with finding the venue and then the camp. Mainly because of the heat and the sheer weight of the massive rucksack that we shared, the tent, hand luggage and lack of water! Once we got our wrist bands, tent up and some beverages we beelined for the beach. We stayed in Villacamp and even though it cost extra, I'm so glad we decided to go with it, because the toilets weren't bad, there was shade for our tents and the whole area was just a bit more chilled.

I met some really cool people that we're going to stay in touch with, saw some of my favourite bands (literally everyone we saw was amazing and brought it) Bastille, The Killers and Chvrches we're probably my favourite, but Jake Bugg was emotional and Arctic Monkeys are one of my all time favourite bands so really I'm finding it impossible to say who was the best. 

The whole week was unbelievably hot, fun and ended up spending many-a-euro.

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The Robyn Diaries said...

glad you had fun at beni! I've been twice before and the last time we drove from hampshire all the way to benicassim through paris, toulouse and barcelona - amazing! being able to sit on the beach during the day and party at night puts english festivals to shame! xxx