Kensington Palace


The amazing cupcakes above and 'cupa-roons' are from Wholefoods on Kensington Highstreet. We  badly wanted one of the cup-aroons but because we had planned to have tea and cake at the orangery at the palace we couldn't... although we did have a small champagne macaroon, loooove.

I took so many photos at Kensington Palace but it is truly beautiful and magical place. It was so relaxing and interesting walking around all the different state apartments and soaking up part of there history. 

The orangery is Queen Annes 18th century restaurant, it is in the heart of the gardens and was once the setting for the lavish court entertainments. I had the most delicious red velvet cake and a pot of never ending palace earl grey it seemed!

Next palace on my hit list is Hampton Court, I haven't been since I was little so I need to visit again this Summer and possibly Winter because of how vast it is. It would be lovely to see it in two contrasting seasons!

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Sarah said...

Kensington Palace is so beautiful, definitely one of my faves :)

Rebecca Tan said...

Wow!! I seriously need a day out there! The Orangery looks simply beautiful. What a fabulous day out...and Honest Burger looks amazing!!! I need to go there.
Red Velvet cake, beautiful gardens and sunshine....all in all a truly perfect day! xxx

Charlotte said...

Those cupcakes look amazing!
Kensington looks like a really gorgeous place to visit, may just have to go in the Summer!

Charlotte xo

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

adorable photos! when I come around your blog, I always get my feelings back for London! How I miss this city! can't wait to walk the London's streets once again! Great post! :)