I meant to post this Nutshell blog post on Sunday but as always time escaped me an the Bank Holiday zoomed on past. 

The first two pictures are from the lovely magazine that Jemma produced for her FMP at University, I'm so happy that she commissioned me to create an illustration for it as it's such a pretty looking magazine. 

I went to see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical on Thursday evening after work and at the moment it is still in previews but if that is anything to go by it's going to be a massive hit. It was packed full and had a great reaction. It's a lot of fun and very cleverly done.

The weather was perfect yesterday and Sunday. I met up with one of my best friends who I hadn't seen for a while in town. I went shopping a bit before hand and bought some cute outfits (the two above, one very much holiday attire and one definitely our summer attire: the black jumper and skirt.) We walked around London, feeling the sun on our skin and being tourists around Buckingham palace which was surprisingly quiet and really rather lovely, before relaxing in St James park (one of my all time favourite places in London) We then drank cider in Camden by the Lock and ate Chinese food. Pretty much a perfect Sunday. 

I went to the gym tonight for the first time ever, just for a free trial but I'm planning on joining next week. We did a spin class... oh my it was hard! Especially as I haven't worked out for a while. I've been really lazy and just eating everything. Gym is needed!

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howvintage said...

Lovely pics, you always post the cutest pics on Instagram. Your Sunday in London sounds so lovely. And this post is also a reminder that I need to get my ass back to the gym, it's definitely been a while. I used to go to spinning classes too and they seriously kick your ass. :|

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

once again - i absolutely love your blog. your photos, and the way you run it. really!
congrats for your illustration in magazine!
lovely outfit of yours - you really have a great style!
and those pics from London, Camden.. brought me to tears. I miss it so much! Now I'm even more jealous for you! Having cider by the Camden canal, Chinese food.. Oh my Oh my! What a pleasure it is !
Keep on going! :)

Lucy Farrington said...

Gorgeous photos - I really adore blog entries like this because they always tell a little story along with all the images! ^.^

Mia said...

I love these cute pictures <3

lauraslw said...

Such a cute post, very "life-y" (think I just made that word up!) ... All of your photos have such a homely British feel to them, I love them.

I'm completely the same at the moment with eating everything! The gym has been abandoned for 3 months-ish woops :-)

Daisy Foster said...

These pictures are too cute, everything is so much lovelier when its sun shining.

Can't get enough of your instagram its beyond adorable. I'm thinking the sam about the gym- right after revision period :)

daisy x

Nicola said...

Well done on the magazine commission, looks great!