Enjoying the sunshine at the train station, Breakfast Club, My Little Pony wall paper in TBC toilets, Burrito for brunch, Nails, 
Gatsby peeking through the letterbox, Me and my sister being cool cats as kids, Shakes, Treated to lunch at Burgers at Blacks, Sisters birthday cake,
Had my hair chopped off! Velvetine love, Walk home from work, Sun! Shopping in Covent Gatden, 
Dinner at The Spaghetti House, War Horse, Daisies and velvet boots, Thomas Cook, Chicago booked, C
elebrating with Virigin Coladas, Chiquitos. 

I have been on the constant go this week, working, more working, eating out, going out etc etc.

Monday I went to Shoreditch to have brunch at the breakfast club for my sisters birthday as well as a general mooch around brick lane with Linda and Mumma O'C. 

After growing my hair and you probably all know how I've been longing for mermaid locks. I decided that it really was in a real need to get a substantial cut (a trim just would not cut it...) the ends were in such bad condition and my hair had become so flat and lank.  I already want it longer though, hurry up follicles, do your thing!

I finially went to see War Horse on Thursday evening and it was amazing, I've wanted to see it pretty muchsince I saw the movie and went to the diamond jubilee event in Hyde park were they had some of the actors and the horse puppets. Highly recommend it. 

After work yesterday I made my way to Marble Arch to head to Thomas Cook to book a trip to Chicago in November. I'm so excited! We'll be there during Thanksgiving and all the beginnings of Christmas festivities! 

Today is being spent catching up on a lot of my to do list! I've already finished three commissions off so that gets a big fat tick but theres a lot more to go before I can have a proper relax. I have just chowed down on a curry take-away and currently watching Catchphrase filling full to the brim! What's everyone else up to?

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Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

beautiful photos! as always! :)

Helenjayne said...

Lovely pics your blog always makes me smile :-)