Lazy Afternoon with Gatsby


I took Saturday off from work as holiday this weekend to go and see The Great Gatsby and have Lazy afternoon tea at the Electric cinema in Notting Hill which first opened in 1910 and is one of the oldest working cinemas in the country, it felt completely ideal to see such a sumptious and indulgent beautiful decadent 1920s film in such a beautiful old cinema.

We were given cocktails as we walked in and sipped them during the adverts and munched on the boxes of sandwiches and little appetizers. I saved my cakes for my film snacks, as I was filled up on my egg and cucumber sarnies. The lemon slice and brownie were divine!

The film is everything that I wanted it to be and had been looking forward to. It is such a visual feast and you will not be dispointed by the lavish costumes, particularly Daisy's Prada ball gown. Leo is amazing as Gatsby and realy portrays all his emotions and quirks. I saw it in 3D as it was the only option at the Electric for the lazy afternoon tea and the 3D actually was very good, worth it for the party scenes and opening sequence alone but I do want to see it again already in 2D this time I think!

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NIKA said...

What a great atmosphere & cinema!:)

Hope that "Gatsby" was great and you've enjoyed a lovely time there!:)


Hannah. said...

Wow, that cinema looks amazing! I still need to see this film but I've heard mixed reviews so far...


Yasmin Hilliam said...

Wowww this cinema looks AMAZING! I might have to make a trip to London just to go!
Yasmin xx

howvintage said...

This is such a lovely post and it's got me even more excited to see the movie, I'm seeing it at the Electric Cinema too on Friday. You're right it's such an appropriate place to see it. I am so beyond excited!!!

MirrorOnThe Wall said...

Ahh, this sounds amazing, wish there was a cinema near me that did things like this!
Can't wait to see Gatsby, epsecially now that I've heard a few people say how good it was - I was so worried it wouldn't be up to scratch, as is often the case when they make books into films.
Mel xx