Reading Marilyn outside work, Jaglever painting, Desk Buddies, Lunchtime reading, Polka packaging,
 Gatsby admiring (or not) my obsession with printed trousers, yogushake date on the train, Cake International, 
The best cake ever! London Sunshine, Montcalm hotel spa and tea afternoon, My lovely new baby, 
Jaglever finished illustration, Treats, Kitty chocolates.

Some photos from the past couple of weeks. Last week was pretty nice, a little visit from Mr Sunshine and some fun in the city on my days off. I went to Cake International at the Excel on Sunday with my Sister and Lucy (the almost sister in law!) We swooned over beautiful sugar crafted art and pretty stalls selling goods, after being all caked out we headed to the Southbank to eat sushi on the grace and take in some vitamin A, whilst the wind did provide a bit of a chill though (hair everywhere) and on Monday my beautiful new iMac came which I am a bit in love with, but I didn't have time to play with it before heading out to The Montcalm Hotel in Marble Arch for some much needed r&r with some of my favourite ladies, sauna, steam and jacuzzi before indulging in a yummy afternoon tea complete with champers (and on a Monday, cheeky!)

What are you all up to this weekend? I hope it involves chocolate... I'm sending you all cat chocolates virtually!

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lauraslw said...

Cute photos! I love the Fault in Our Stars ... and your swimwear is perfect, I want!! xx

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

Lovely photos! Love your workspace and your cat! :)
So much reminds of my atmosphere... :)

Rebecca Tan said...

loving all these photos....what a dream...and that sketch!!! a-m-a-z--ii---n-g! would love you to do one of me!! brilliant stuff!! x