Cupcakes for lady retiring at work, Stock taking snore, Good Friday, Cat Walking, Covent Garden, 
Pret-a-Portea at the berkeley, Doggy bag, Palm Tree brooches, Easter Cake, Floral fun,
 Easter, Butterfinger Bunny, Gatsbys Easter bow, Dungareeeees, Fox face.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun, sweet treat, family fuelled Easter time. I had a nice chilled one, but as always the extended weekend went far too quickly and I think it definitely felt more like it was Christmas then Easter this year which totally messed with my head (darn this cold weather!) 

I'm so psyched that the sun was shining when I walked home from work this evening, so much so that I wore sunglasses, along with my winter coat and scarf though h'obviosly!

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Charlotte Eliza King said...

Looks like you had a lovely Easter ! :)

Sandra Martinez said...

Hi sweety!! I've just discovered your blog and i like it very much!!
This is a great post, lovely :)
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IllustrationNarration said...

Those dungarees are amazing! Gatsby has grown up so fast, he's so cute! x

Valeria said...

I always love your "Nutshell" posts :) You always post such cute snapshots of lovely moments :)

It looks like you had the most lovely Easter :) I'm happy you did :)


Lucy Farrington said...

Mm those cakes look lovely! :) Such a cute cat, too!

Kotryna Bass said...

love your pictures! and your header image is just amazing! did you draw this yourself? :)))


Jordan Alice said...

Your cat is gorgeous! x

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

great photos of yours! :)
let me guess.. are you a fan of Alexa Chung? :)