Walk this way


Wearing: UO Cloche hat, ASOS faux leopard fur coat, Vintage tee, Highwaisted Topshop Mom jeans and Ebay shoe boots.

Highlights of today included me purchasing a harness for Gatsby so that I could take him for a walk, crazy cat lady let on the loose with Mr G. We haven't let him out by himself properly yet, apart from the when it snowed lots in January. Mainly because we have such a busy road near us and we don't want him to go to far, so waiting more for Summer so that he can roam the garden. Also hoping if he associates someone being with him on a lead outside he might not try to go wander too far by himself. 

I've got such a horrible congested head cold and just feel like it's one cold, cough and bug after another. I'm so sick of this bitter weather. I've tried steaming my face, lozengers, cold and flu tablets... does anyone else have any 'rescue' remedies if they even exist? 

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IllustrationNarration said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly :( hot ribena/hot honey and lemon always makes me feel loads better! Love your clothes here :) xx

Jaymie said...

aww thank you gorge.
Will try some hot ribena as well <3

daisychain said...

TOOO cute. I wish I could get even a collar on Mae! x

{Dust and Swallow} said...

Really nice pictures! :) Your cat is so fluffy and lovely! ^^

Visa said...

chic outfit and your cat is too cute! & i hope you're feeling better. love your blog and style, following your blog now on GFC and Bloglovin'. would love it if you could check out my blog and follow if you'd like. looking forward to your next posts :)


katymitten said...

Hey crazy cat lady! Let's take our kittys on a walk together!
We live on a bypass road, so it's always hugely busy and Little R lookss a lot like a bengal, so we've been advised not to let him out (for now anyway) so a nice pink lead is the way.. Although Gatsby looks like he's enjoying himself more than R! xx

The Little's.