Lace Dreams

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Wearing my new to 70s vibing, Virgin Suicides conniving, Hippy dividing style dress or just my new crochet Topshop dress, but I prefer the former! 

I'm super tired and head is a bit all over the place. I'm helllllla busy with lots of work on, different enquiries and projects which I'm completely grateful for (I'm not moaning promise!) and really excited about but you know me with my organising and lists when my head or thoughts can't be sorted out with making a list I become a bit of a screwball. I've also been an ill little cubby this week with a chesty cough, sinus pain, head cold and sore throat so been running myself down a bit but onwards and upwards! 

You might remember me mentioning that I had an interview on Wednesday which was for an optical assistant/ receptionist I thought it went okay but I knew I could do a lot better and sell myself more, but I heard back from the man who interviewed me yesterday and he said they would be very interested in having me do a trial day so I can get a feel of the job and them a feel for me. So that's a confidence boost in my abilities, I must have done better then I thought... even with a stinking cold and feeling like I wanted to be tucked up in my duvet. 

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