heart shape bruises


It snowed yesterday so naturally decided to wear over the knees socks a sheer cat shirt and a pinafore dress as I was ready to channel my inner 60s school girl look (I did venture outside and change!)A favourite of mine for sure. I was also pretty happy with how my hair went naturally as well (hence the photos) I didn't blow dry it, use any products or literally do anything to it a little back combing was about it. My hair seems to be finally growing so I'm trying to help it even more any way that I can. 

I submitted my first tax return this morning, scary stuff! Least thats one thing to tick off my January to do list. What's everyone up to this cold wintery weekend?

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The Robyn Diaries said...

Your shirt is so cute, love over the knee socks but don't like how they make my legs look. You look gorgeous :) x

Georgi said...

You have great hair! I wish mine natural wave and volume! x

Jaz xo said...

You look so cute ♥

Lucy Farrington said...

Oh gosh..tax returns!! Ugh >.< On a better sidenote, your hair looks lovely and I opted for over the knee socks today too, they've kept me pretty toasty! ^.^


helen at thelovecatsINC said...

looove your hair!

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