There's no day like a snow day.


Like most blog posts today mine is also about the great english flurry of snow that's fallen for the majority of the day. It was the first time Gatsby's been outside properly and he was very intruiged by the white stuff heading towards the ground, that he then explored further by eating and trying to catch in his paws.

There is also chance to get 20% off any Jewellery by Jaymie orders by using the code 'SNOWDAY' at the checkout. 

Hope everyone who had snow managed to enjoy it and stay warm!

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Lucy Farrington said...

Such beautiful pictures - and your cat is just so adorable!! ^.^

Tegan said...

I'm loving the snow at the moment! Why couldn't it have come around Christmas?! Your coat is also adorable.. fur coats are the sassiest xo

katymitten said...

Gatsby is a babe, and such a fluff ball! We took little R out today, on his lead (hello house cat!) and he didn't like the outdoors haha! xx

The Littles.

The Girl About Town said...

Oh my goodness, Gatsby is such a snuggly monster! His tail is amazing!
Sarah xx