Gatsby mourning Kurt, Favourite vintage 60s dress, Blue slushie, Vegas Tee, Subway lunch, Best hot chocolate ever,
 Taking Michelles cluedo virginity, Sketchbook, Friday treat, I need some sun! New collar chains, Snuggling with Gats, My new duvet cover, 
Lots of lipsticks, Tea cake, New notebook, NFL and coke floats.

Last week started on a sad note with my little fluff ball hamster Kurt passing away and Gatsby's been mourning for his little friend, the raddest little hamster there was.

I started getting into NFL whilst in America for fun but then I started watching it when I got back home as I missed it. I'm so psyched that SF 49ers won against Green Bay on Saturday. and I hope they get into the Super Bowl so bad. They're coming to play in October at Wembley and I would love to get tickets but they're super expensive :( 

This super cold weather is not good for my Raynaud's Syndrome using my laptop, drawing and making leaves my fingers feeling completely numb and ice cold at the moment even with my layers of clothing and heating on. I am willing a little bit of snow... whats the point of it being this cold and not having some of the pretty white stuff! Yesterday my sister and I booked to go away to Tunisia in June, so that's got me envisioning warmer climes and palm trees to dream about. 

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Rose D-L said...

Oh shit I feel your pain with the Raynauds Syndrome, My feet are the ones to blame though!
Oh so sad to hear about your little hamster :( specially as Gatsby has lost a friend! I remember when my Rabbit died and my Guinea pig was best friends with it, so sad to see his little heart breaking so we ended up having to send him to a guinea pig home. SAD TIMES THERE!
anyway i still have extreme love for your cat (keep your doors locked up at night just a slight warning there for you hahaha)
hope your all good xx

daisychain said...

I feel your pain on the Raynauds, it's been a nightmare at work trying to take people's blood using what feels like blocks of ice! x

blondebenedicte said...

thanks! x

omg, what a lovely kitty! & cute shots ;)
bisous x

Isabel said...

I love those 'tash bedcovers!

▲my• said...

Your blog is lovely! Thanks for coming to visit mine :)

I'm sorry about your hamster. How terribly sad!

My mom and I have Raynaud's, her's is quite a bit worse than mine, but it's no fun nevertheless. My hands are always freezing up and changing colors in the strangest ways...

Kfedland said...

Gatsby is the greatest. And still so so sad for Kurt :( He was a delight (from what I saw).
Also, you make me wish I could draw! such perfect illustrations. xx

The Littles.