I wish I had a suntan, a pizza and a bottle of wine


I think this photograph sums up my life pretty well. 

I'm itching to wear all my new sunglasses so badly, but every time I go outside it is impossibly grey and bleak and I would look like one of those try hard desperates... which I like to think isn't my look. I've been listening to a lot of 'Girls' (blog title is from their song 'Lust for Life') Temples and Tribes recently so that's all got me picturing sun drenched skies and sea breeze on my cheeks.

Today I'm mostly trying to perk up from a headache, achy body and an itching throat... willing myself better with ribena and hot water bottles. I have to much to do to be ill!

I have an interview on Wednesday for a part time receptionist at a local opticians, so I will be prepping for that and keeping my fingers crossed. It would help supplement my self employed funds and I like meeting new people and trying new things and I've only ever worked in retail previously. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous start to the week :)

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Tracey Regimbal said...

love you blog!

Georgina Clare said...

Wow your blog is so lovely! Check out mine too please:)


dan said...

I'm so desperate for summer right now! xx

carelessly cut said...

Those sunglasses look fab!
I want to get loads of new circular ones this year because my fave pair died at a festival :(

Rosie x

Wahy said...

good luck for the interview!! x