Snow Time


Christmas is fast approaching, the best time of the year and my favourite. I've been busy making lots of new pieces, pretty packaging and thinking of the holiday picks from my shop... so I naturally bought some fake snow to make and got to photographing products on it. These are some of my personal favourites and I think work for a range of ages.

Some of the newest additions to my shop are the collar clips and chains. The glittery cat silhouettes are perfect for the Christmas and new year season, adding a bit of shimmer to any collar. For the necklaces I chose of which one is the illustrated unicorn because I don't know many people who wouldn't want a pet unicorn but a necklace is the closest we will ever get so it will just have to do. 

The second part of this post will feature rings and some new forest friend inspired collar clips and chains. All rings will come in a pretty black presentation box decorated by myself with hand made plastic glitzy stars and silver pen doodles. All orders will come with a little candy cane, I bought a lot to add in with orders to make that much more festive. 

Check out the items that I have put into the sale with 50% off here.


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daisychain said...

I want it all, SO cute!

Katie Frank said...

you know jaymie, you really have too many love stuff here :) i love these sparkly cats and unicorns, yay! <3

Ali said...

the bunnies are really cute!