Silver Bells

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 Heres my face, sorry about that! The first one is rocking one of my favourite 90s throwback bindis (great for hiding spots, which it is actually doing so) Standard studio attire, my favourite big cosy stripy primark jumper, jeans or leggings and bundles of weird jewellery, face stickers and doodles up my arms. The photo below just makes me happy because I was genuinely laughing on web cam and in that moment really blissful and it's nice to remember when you feel a little low there is the other side where you laugh, smile and feel warm (sentiment!) plus it's reminding me that I need to do my nails, STAT.

Is everyone ready for Christmas, I have last minute purchasing and making to commence as well as a bit of wrapping up whilst listening to Buble, She & Him and Wizard, drinking snow balls.

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carelessly cut said...

I wish I could banish my fringe for the day every now and then so I could wear a bindi! You look lovely,

Rosie x