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I decided to do this guest post article because even though I'm waaaay off retiring, as are most 40 year olds nowadays with the age increasing for retirement every year, it is something I worry about. I'm a chronic worrier, I worry about the future, money, life... you get the picture but with my parents being in their mid 50s it's something they have to think about more closely. 

The sensitive issue of retirement 

Deciding when it is the right time in life to retire and settle down is a difficult decision for many, and different people decide to make this step at different points in life. Some wait until their mid 60s whereas others are lucky enough to be able to retire early. Discussing this with family members can require sensitivity when the options for the next step to take are under consideration. It also requires a lot of thought and a thorough exploration of all the options will definitely be needed. 

Retaining a purpose 

Some people find thinking about retirement quite difficult after having worked their entire lives – especially if they have really enjoyed their job. There is also a fear for some that they will begin to lose their independence and sense of purpose. This can make it a tricky subject to discuss but it is important that, as a family, you are open with each other and find ways for your older relatives to retain their purpose 

This can be done through volunteering at a local charity store or community project or simply getting older relatives to help family members with things such as childcare. You need to make sure that would you choose isn’t too strenuous and should never take advantage of the generosity of older family members. 

Where to live? 

The location of where people want to retire is one of the most important things to discuss. Luckily there are retirement flats for sale all over the country so, whatever the requirements, everyone ought to be able to find somewhere to live that they are happy with.  

Some people want to stay close to their family. This can be difficult if they have children, siblings and cousins strewn throughout the country. They may feel that living near a city centre will be desirable as everything they need will be close at hand and the buzz of city life will keep a sense of energy and independence. 

On the other hand, maybe a quieter lifestyle is what some are after. This might mean finding a home that is closer to nature; maybe beside a forest or a beach. Transport links across the UK are of a high standard so wherever you choose is bound to be serviced by many routes and travel operators – allowing older relatives to live where they want whilst still being within commutable distance of their nearest and dearest.  

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