Harry Potter Studio Tour


So it was only about a month ago that I went to the Harry Potter studios on my birthday at the WB Studios in Watford. I've been waiting for my friend Stuart to send over the photographs but he popped over last week with his hard drive for of HP style snaps. 

We spent about 3 hours in the studios, theres just so much to see and it's so engrossing being there that you get so caught up in the magic and history of the story and films so I don't know how people who are die hard Potter fans don't just end up squatting in the cupboard under the stars and never leaving.

I think some of my favourite parts are probably the back lot with the exterior of 4 Privet Drive, the Knight bus and Butterbeer stand which literally tastes like a shortbread, sweet cream soda foamed dream. My other favourites were Diagon Alley and the scaled down model version of Hogwarts which was just incredible to see.

Totally opening the doors to Hogwarts, birthday girl perks *cough* 23 whatttt.

Found my hand twin! Marriage clearly will ensue...

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Andreia said...

Oh my gosh what a dream! I LOVE Harry Potter <3

Andreia said...

Oh and nice pics btw :)


Sheree Milli said...

I'm such a Potterhead!!!! I neeed to go. xxx

Katie Frank said...

oh my god <3 it looks so perfect! i wish i could visit this place once!

Millie said...

waaaaa rupert grint! very jealous hahaha :P well yes obviously everyone knows hand twins are destined for marriage :) x