It's that time for reflection and looking back on the year with only the rest of today left of 2012. This year all in all has been a rather awesome one and I feel lucky to have experienced some of the places I have been to and seen, people I have met and got closer too. I'm welcoming 2013 with open arms to try and top or equal that of 2012! It's time to also start thinking about what I want from the new year and what I hope to achieve within business, work, friendships and personal life. 

So 2012 was the year where I started my own business and registered as self employed...

Magazine features in Alexis magazine, Prototype, Lionheart and Mizz. As well as singer and presenter Dionne Bromfield spotted wearing my jewellery (queen necklace) on CBBC and BBC1.

My sister celebrated her 30th birthday, chocolate afternoon tea, meeting Nicholas Sparks and having him sign a copy of the notebook.

A trip to the beautiful Rome in May. The Spanish steps in full bloom of gorgeous pink flowers, the sun shining brightly and warming my skin. Walking around lots, eating pastries, drinking coffee and sightseeing. Overwhelmed by the history of the Colosseum and soaking up the atmosphere of the Trevi fountain. 

Got my little fur ball of joy Mr Gatsby.

Celebrating the Queens Jubilee this summer and becoming obsessed with the Royal family once again. I heart the Queen! Spent a weekend with my best friend at the Hyde Park Jubilee party which she won tickets too, lot's of freebies, war horse, disney, music and food.

It was about two weeks before the games started that I started to get caught up in the excitement and buzz of the city with union jack bunting proudly displayed, huge flags hanging from the rafters at victoria and the olympic flags swaying in the wind at Oxford Street that I thoroughly got swept away with the Olympics and became so enthralled and totally enticed by it all. I loved how everyone got so behind Team Gb and felt such an overwhelming pride in talented and dedicated individuals rather then non entity celebrities. The opening ceremony was such a perfect tribute and display of what makes us great as a country, we watched it on a big over head projector screen at my brothers with friends around, drinks and nibbles.

Having the chance to see the olympic park and the paralympic swimming heats where we saw world records broken and got to basque in the sunshine whilst listening to live music.

California, LA, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Palm Springs, Arizona, Flagstaff, Red Rocks, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Route 66, Calico Ghost Town, Bass Lake, Yosemite, Carmel and Montery, San Francisco. Having the best trip to one of my most favourite places America, I am so in love with California and just had the most unforgettable trip there this September.

Harry Potter studio tour on my 23rd birthday.
Opening up the doors to the entrance of Hogwarts... bomchickawowow.

Volunteering for make a wish in the pouring rain but still managing to have the best time dancing and singing to Christmas songs with the Disney bunch.

Belated birthday day in London with Mumma OC. Drinking bubble tea in Harvey Nichols, Cooing over the Harrods Disney fashion inspired window displays, Hyde Park winter wonderland, eating pretzels, walking around the Ice Kingdom, Covent Garden shopping and getting Laduree macaroons.

So they are just some of the highlights of my year, some of the days and times which have been etched into my conscious for I hope many more years to come. I hope everyone has a fabulous New Years eve and celebrates it in the style they see fit, with a smile and being safe as well of coarse! See you in 2013.

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Faye said...

Wow it looks like you've had an amazing year!! :) xx

daisychain said...

Looks like a fabulous year :) All the best for 2013 xx