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Lots of coffee, rain and yummy treats.

I'm super behind in posting this 'Nutshell' post from last week but here we go... I finally saw the last Twilight, I'm so glad that it was a LOT better then the last movie and it made me a little sad that it was the end of the Bella and Edward debacle even though I'm not a massive Twilight fan I kind of loved it right at the beginning then lost interest. 

I volunteered with Make a Wish foundation on Saturday on the no traffic day in Oxford street whilst torrential down pour ensued. It was a lot of fun though and we pretty much just danced and sang along to the music being played through the streets. I had planned on going to Winter Wonderland with my friends after but after being soaked, cold and hungry we went straight to the Diner for some amazing grub and 'fakesgiving' I had a very festive weekend as on the Sunday my best friend and I along with our mothers (proper mother, daughter date) to Knights Garden centre which had Reindeer and Huskies as well as mulled wine and festive cakes, I chowed down on the bucks fizz chocolate cake which was just way too good! 

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Samantha said...

That fox drawing is lovely :)

Sam xx

santhi said...

love Your jewelery!:)
Especially these with Marilyn!:)