Gift from Revlon, Russian hat vintage Grandmamas, Fun ice-cream, Cat in a hat, Big mug of coffee, Fortune teller necklace, Lady & theTramp, Unicorn collar clips, Found my SF cable car ticket in my coat pocket sobsob, Hey DW, Nandos, Twizzlers... sugar for tattoo, New little moon and crescent finger tattoo, Autumn walks, Super healthy Tesco shopping, My gorgeous little guy. 

This week I've been getting more into the festive spirit busting out the hidden Christmas albums and making that beautiful happy play list. When I'm at Disney working I'm constantly singing along to the video singalong Christmas songs, amazzzing.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll know that I finally got my tattoos done which I had planned to get done on holiday. A little heart on the side of my wrist (heart is the symbol of San Francisco, which is the last place we visited) as well as a little full moon and crescent on my left hand which represent to me how things can change for the better, something small and incomplete can grow into something whole. 

This week has also been about trying the new pink Lucozade and subsequently getting addicted to it, Getting my new iPhone which was much needed after my Android contract had expired and I had been left phone-less. How has everyone else's week been?

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katie-jane said...

Unicorn Collar tips are the best things I've ever seen everrrr!!! And your cat is an absolute sweetiepie xoxo

Jaymie said...

Thanks Katie-Jane <3 xxx