San Diego & Palm Springs



The day was spent in San Diego on the way to Palm Springs for two nights. The first Pancakes for breakfast of the trip were consumed and not the last! I can't stand butter apart from on buttery toast so I naturally couldn't eat the top pancake (fussy) We walked around the old town part of San Diego which literally felt like stepping into Mexico about 50 years ago. Full of cute market stalls, shops and places to eat.

Balboa park is a must see. It is HUGE and I mean, huge. This is where you can also find San Diego Zoo, which we didn't have time to go to but I would still like to visit one day as I would love to go back to San Diego for longer. We paid about $6 to visit the Japanese friendship garden which was  a nice retreat after feeling fatigued from the heat and doing quite a lot from earlier in the day. The tranquil ponds, tea lights and trees.

Poodles with visors and sunglasses, does more need to be said?

Palm Springs

It was only when we happened to be speaking and make friends with a very nice man who resembled Father Christmas on the shuttle bus in LA and mentioned that we were next in Palm Springs that it came to our attention 'Are you mad? Palm Springs will be HOT as hell this time of year' I really didn't know much at all about Palm Springs apart from hearing Snoop Dog wax lyrical about it with Katy Perry and of coarse just knowing about it generally. But I really loved it, it's literally in the middle of a dessert and is a small town and you wouldn't be able to spend much time there but the one full day we spent there was a dream. The best way I can describe it is pastel, 1950s, Edward Scissorhand street Cocoon feel. It definitely is the hottest place I've ever been, the aircon sprays out of the shops because its that hot even at nights its like 35 degrees. Food mainly consisted of frozen goods, iced starbucks, frozen yogurt, cocktails and coldstone ice-cream (birthday cake remix flavour, heavenly!) the smell from the outside when the shop wasn't even open was intoxicating filling the air with vanilla and fudge scent MMM!

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Talulahs Attic said...

Love the photos!
Looks like you had a great time :)
Following you now :)
Hope you'll check my blog out & let me know what you think
Taz xx

Calamity Girl said...

I love Cold Stone, Boyfriend is obsessed with it, we go there when we go to Dubai.
I might have to go and buy the cat ears headband on pay day now. Is that the one from Topshop? I saw it a month ago and like an IDIOT I didn't get it.

francisdodson said...

Them pancakes look just too delicious! Gorgeous photos :) x

Law whalebone said...

my faves photos are the car and the pancakes!!!! Amazing and it looks like you had a blast, I could do with a holiday soon haha xxx