Monday Inspiration


Sparklers, Fireworks, Bonfires, Warmth, Wolly jumpers, Cosy cottons, Knitted socks, 
Crunchy leaves, Dusk light, Stars, Glitter & confetti, Tea & organising, Floral cakes.

It's officially my birthday week (well pre birthday lead up week as it's on the 5th nov which is Monday!) so it looks to be a busy and fun one, with halloween right bang in the middle. If you've been to a party already what did you go as? I'm going to one on Saturday which is a Halloween and Bonfire night one, I'm either going to go as a black widow spider/ big cobwebbed mess or the black swan but I'm not sure I have the outfit for it, I just want to do the intense makeup!

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Josie Maskell said...

we have the same birthday!!! teehee, what are your plans? am hoping to see some fireworks and get some free drink from the bars in Plymouth!

some lovely photos here, i really want a christmassy wooly jumper :)

josie x

Millie said...

aw go as black swan! would look lush! :) those pictures are making me look forward to christmas very muchly, i've started a countdown at work...only 57 days to go! :) x

Nicola said...

lovely pictures. I went as Claire Bennett (cheerleader from Heroes) you should go as the black swan that would be really nice!