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Hot chocolate/ 17 mint choc chip and Models Own Mirror Ball nails/ Bubble Bath/ Vintage Grandma Coat with faux fur/ Pumpkin spice latte/ Tangled/ Caught in the rain/ Plaits/ Tea and Cherry Bakewell/ New painting/ Pulling faces/ Caught in the rain again.../ Hot fudge cake/ Getting cosy in a tartan Scarf/ Picked up my disposable camera holiday snaps/ Spider for my halloween costume/ Marble arch/ Lolas cupcakes/ NFL in Nike.

This week has been all about hot drinks, escaping the gloom of rain (even though this usually meant heading out into it!) I went to see Frankenweenie with my best friend on Wednesday which is pretty much a perfect Tim Burton animation and ideal for a sweet, creepy and also kind of sad cartoon for halloween. 

Yesterday my sister and I met up with our friend in Marble Arch, totally not the right day to head into town at ALL. Lot's of protests, hardly any buses, no Victoria line, gaaaaaah. But still despite all of that it was a lovely day, which involved reminiscing about our holiday and going into Thomas Cook to discuss possibilities for heading back to California in 2013. So far we can't decide between Bass Lake or Vegas before San Francisco.

How's everyones weekend been? Today I just want to hibernate with a hot water bottle, pot of tea and trashy tv... but alas I have a to do list I really want to get done! I've got an interview with the Disney Store on Tuesday, which would be a pretty ideal retail job to have whilst still having my Jewellery shop and doing my illustrating. So wish me luck! I just love Disney (like pretty much half of the worlds population) I want to spread that Disney magic and cheer to little princesses and princes aha.

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onmymannequin said...

Mmm lots of yummy hot drinks, amazing shoes and gorgeous eyeliner! x

Charlotte said...

I've come very accustomed to hot drinks this week. Can't beat a hot chocolate in the gloomy weather! Also, that chocolate cake looks fricken amazing.

Good luck with your interview, got to love a bit of Disney magic.

Charlotte xo

Emma C-M said...

i love the family stone film. cant wait to get it out for the christmas film days. lovely drawing as well.


Jaz xo said...

So much prettiness! xo

Miki said...

Awe, hope you got the job!!! ;D

Jess Corcoran said...

wow, i seriously did a double take and thought that was alexa chung in a vintage coat there! love your blog forever! xx

Jaymie said...

Aw Jess I love you haha. xxx