Nevada Grand Canyon - 25/09/12

Hello strangers, I'm back :( I Hope you're all well. I got home Wednesday afternoon but have been completely out of sorts, jet lagged and I've definitely got the post holiday blues and feeling pretty down. I had one of the most amazing holidays, full of seeing lots, doing lots and meeting lovely new people, of whom are now all missed! Of coarse you can expect lots of photo heavy posts (we took lots!) tomorrow I will post a California Nutshell type post but then throughout the week I will do more in-depth of each part of the holiday, with some must dos, tip offs etc for those wanting or thinking of doing a similar trip. If there's anything in particular you would like to see or know, let me know!

I'm feeling massively jet lagged, it's hit me harder then I've had it before. I'm literally still on San Fran time, because of the eight hours difference then traveling in the evening but waking up to it being 9 hours later but being 1 o'clock oppose to morning, its messed my body clock up somewhat. I didn't get to sleep until 6am and made myself wake up at 10 this morning and I'm just going to try and power through until tonight.

The only thing making me feeling happy to be in Britain is take me out being back on T.V tonight, wearing my onesie and drinking tea. Although, of coarse I would swap all of that to be back in San Francisco!

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Kristy said...

Glad to hear that you're back Jaymie! Also very glad to hear Take Me Out is back tonight haha! Hope you had the most amazing time xx

Josie Maskell said...

I feel you about jetlag, got back from new york a few weeks ago and was knackered for a week!!

such a gorgeous photo, really like your outfit too :)

looking forward to reading about your travels!

josie x

Jaymie said...

thanks girls, only thing consoling me about britain is gatsby, onesie wearing, crisp autumn leaves, downtown abbey and take me out haha. PATHETIC much?
thank you, there will probably be more to see of this outfit, Im in love with my backpack which I got from Arizona, got so many things to share with you all!