Cherry Almond


I recently received a box of cherry and almond scented goodies from Jergens for their new Body Lotion launch which of coarse is cherry almond scented. I first spotted the Bassett cherry drops which I have a bit of a penchant for and the bag of sugared almonds smelt divine. The Jergens body moisturiser I was sent last time for ultra dry skin has come in particularly useful since coming home from my holiday as I seemed to pick up some dodgy skin rash and dryness from the san francisco sea, it started off severely red and itchy all over my legs and stomach but now it's just dry and flakey (sexy!) but slathering on the Jergens has helped improve it a lot! The smell of the Cherry & Almond is the perfect marriage of scents and I've yet to try the product it's self but once my skin returns to it's usual condition I will be using this in my regular regime. 

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Amanda Johansson said...

I've now got a huge craving for sugared almonds and cherry drops! Can't wait to hear about what the products like. :) x

francisdodson said...

Mmmm cherry bakewells are my fave! Cute products :) x

carelessly cut said...

Ermmmm, hungry now.

Rosie x