Bass Lake & Yosemite

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After all that nature needed a nice cool bud light!

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been, Bass lake is situated in Madera County, California. We arrived from Vegas after a day of visiting the Calico ghost town, eating at Dennys and a lot of sleeping on a coach on my part (I wanted to cram as much from Vegas as I could) and needed it. We arrived to The Pines resort right on the lake the cabins were huge and beautiful such a contrast to Vegas, the bright, tacky, brash but brilliant city in the Dessert this was literally thrown into nature and we all adored it. 

The pines resort is an ideal location as it's so close to Yosemite national park which is absolutely stunning, nothing looks real because of how picturesque it is. We trekked up to Vernal Falls but because of how dry and hot it had been it was flowing quite like a waterfall, but still was beautiful. In the afternoon we walked up the creek near the lake and sat sketching on the beach before getting the drinks in at the bar which was a perfect end to the day! I really want to go back to Bass Lake one day, it's so peaceful, relaxing, chilled out, friendly and of corse stunning.  

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