Arizona / Flagstaff / Grand Canyon

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After Palm Springs we were back on the road for a long day on the way to Arizona, Flagstaff. We spent the day viewing the red rocks, driving through the dessert, going for lunch at cracker barrel, walking through the towns. When we arrived at Flagstaff we checked in at the Little America hotel  which reminded us so much of Kellermans (dirty dancing) and headed to the hotel bar for zinfandel before crash in out in the hotel room.

The following day we headed to the Grand Canyon national park and we had already decided before we went on holiday that we would do the helicopter ride as we had heard so many people say that they had regretted not doing the helicopter over the canyon. I'm not afraid of heights really and I love roller coasters and white knuckle rides but even so it was something unfamiliar and we were all getting excited-nervous-bellies! It's hard to put it into words, but I never knew that the Grand Canyon was that BIG (you know its grand, but woah) it took a 30 minute slow helicopter ride to span all of it. After the ride we drove down to the canyon to get a different view and perspective of it. The colours, the sky, the way the clouds cast shapes on the rocky mountains is all so impressive and it will forever be an amazing memory.

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