Monday Inspiration

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All pictures via tumblr if any belong to you please let me know so I can credit or remove :)

Wild flowers, breathtaking views, crisp Autumn sun, mountain landscapes, fresh air and adventures are  frequent in my mind.

I'm so busy this week and with holiday getting ever closer my to do list is getting inundated with an abundance of things creeping onto it which I need and want to get done before I go, lot's of A/W Jewellery by Jaymie designs and making as well! I'm busy with work and fun this week so it's a nice balance. I'm heading to the paralympic swimming on Thursday which I'm really looking forward to, I've just watched Ellie Simmonds win another gold and I'm so proud of how well Team GB are doing once more, amazing athletes.

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Imogen Smith said...

Fabulous images Jaymie! I was so happy to see the pin cushion tea cups! I was reading about them in Pretty Nostalgic this morning, I will have to make one soon! xx