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Diana F book, Vintage box, Movie Clapboard Necklace, Jewellery order, New Sketchbook, Wild Flowers
Thank God it's friday, right? Not that it makes much difference as I work everyday/ own boss/ whatever haha, but with being super ill last week my heads been a bit away with the fairies with what day it is and how I feel so it's nice to have the distinction of a weekend and the fact it's a bank holiday, beautiful. I do love cheesy bank holiday movies on channel 5, guilty. 

These are some photos from the past couple of days. I came across my Diana F book that came with the camera when I first bought it a couple of years ago (I no longer have it anymore, was rubbish at using it!) which had lots of amazing lomography photography inside and images of old Diana cameras. My Lutona Cocoa vintage box which used to be my Grandmas, I keep pieces of made jewellery in little plastic bags inside (incase you wondered) This week was a little sad actually regarding my Grandmas house sale was finalised and it's horrible to think that a house that has been in our family for 100 years belongs to someone else, it will always be my Grandmas house in my eyes though so it's nice to have these to have these little items of hers surrounding me and being used still to this day. Yesterday I went for a walk as I hadn't been out for a week since being ill and I picked up lots of wild flowers to get painting and photographing, I adore the colours and differing shapes of wild flowers!

What has everyone got planned for this weekend?

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Josephine Pearl said...

I love the necklaces and the sketch is amazing :)

Jo. x

Pip ♥ said...

Poor Jaymie, sorry you've been having a bit of a hard time lately chicken licken (sorry of that sounds really weird over the internet, it's sort of my go to comforting saying but I feel a bit weird and awkward typing it). I remember when my grandma was thinking of selling her house, I just sat in it looking around thinking that I'd spent my childhood running around, pretending to run shops in here and soon I won't even be allowed to come in. Luckily she changed her mind about selling it (well, sort of, she actually had to buy it, but that's a whole other - really long - story and this comment is already too long) but it still felt really weird thinking I could've lost all of the memories held up in those walls.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I love that page of your sketchbook, and I wish I had your watercolours! Just out of interest, where did you get them from? Just I'm starting my GCSE art course this year and one day I might actually get good enough to deserve such a beautiful tin of colour and happiness. (What the hell am I talking about? Ok, I'm going to stop here.)

Pip x