Commissioned necklace, Team GB cupcakes, New dangling eye ring, Gatsby being a tart, Actual sunshine! Gatsby taking a fancy to Marilyn, New Marilyn necklace, Snazzy Olympics Metro cover, Hospital wristband, Travel books!

I've been a bit MIA since last week mainly because I was away over the weekend and then on Tuesday night I was taken into hospital (dramz) after hitting a fever of 40 and having a fall resulting in a having a fit and I've obviously been resting up and recouping whilst taking lots of antibiotics, though now it's got to the point where I'm just bored and feel guilty for the hundreds of things I need to do and work I want to get done. Though I feel a hell of a lot better then I did Tuesday I still don't feel right, sad face.

Ambulances and illness aside last week was a bit lovely with more olympics watching, like a lot of the the british population I am very much mourning it since the closing ceremony. Can't wait for the paralympics now. I've actually got tickets to the swimming thanks to a friend of mine. Can't wait to continue Team GB pride! Making new jewellery and designs of some you can see above. As well as indulging in a starbucks date with a good friend, enjoying sunshine and having some good working out sessions. Then at the weekend me and my friend stayed at my brothers flat (they're in australia at the moment!) we went to stratford on the saturday which westfield was of coarse rammed but whilst the olympics was still on wanted to pay a visit at least once, surprisingly the shops weren't all that busy! We walked in the sun at the south bank and St Pauls. The South Bank and Blackfriars is one of my favourite places in London especially in lovely weather!

Also it's now less then a month, 29 days to be precise to my holiday now. I am so EXCITED (hence the travel books) I just hope my immune system picks up and I'm not particularly ill at all in the lead up etc! 

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Folio said...

Aww that sounds absolutely dreadful! I really hope you're feeling better, don't worry you'll be fine before your holiday :) beautiful jewellery as always! Get well soon xxx

Millie said...

glad you're feeling better lovely! :) aw you should make gatsby some charms that can be clipped onto his collar :) x

Laura Collins said...

Love those necklaces they are so cute!

Hope you feel better soon! x

Poppy Smith said...

Oh dear that sounds a bit of a dramatic week, I hope you've taken plenty of time to relax- don't let the guilt stop you.

Also your cat- AWWWW. xo

Zoe said...

Sorry to here you've been ill! I'm really looking forward to the paraolympics too. Have fun on your holiday! Are you doing a bit of travelling in the USA?

francisdodson said...

The necklace in your 1st photo is adorable! x

Kfedland said...

So so pretty photos. Still going to steal your kitty soon!x

olivia grace said...

Hope you're feeling better gorgeous <3 xxx

Jaymie said...

Thank you guys you've all put a smile on my face!