Lust List: Sunglasses

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With only 22 days until I go to California, I have naturally been thinking about outfits, things to take with me and what there is that I still need to buy. One of my all time favourite accessories has got to be sunglasses. I already own probably too many ( actually you cant own to many right?) and when I go on holiday I always take more then I need to because I like wearing different ones for different looks, candy pop pink ones with a vintage dress, large John Lennon round glasses with high waisted shorts and tube tops and so on!

I've been thinking of the ultimate sunglasses that are on my list which of coarse had to include a pair of Chanel cat eyes shades, Tom Ford eye wear and a pair of classic rayban glasses if I was ever to need reading glasses, I would definitely get prescription Ray-Bans. I’ve been lusting after a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers for a few years now and especially after a trip to New York last February and deliberating in Duty Free over purchasing a pair and then backing out at the last minute (I love sunglasses, yes… but I don’t have the best reputation with sustaining and not losing/ breaking a pair!) I think next year is the year that I will bite the bullet. I'm very much feeling a tortoiseshell pair. 

Tom Ford S/S 2012

Tom Ford glasses S/S campaign pretty much just sums up all that is right in eye wear, bold shapes, lines and perfectly oversized!

Although this will probably be more the type of sunglasses I will be wearing inVegas.

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