Jewellery Swap: Tentative Decisions


One of my most recent jewellery shop swaps was with the lovely sparkling Tentative Decisions who satisfy all my precious gem stone cravings (of which I have many!) 

First of all how cute is the packaging? Such a sucker for little ribbon tied boxes! I chose this beautiful raw blue crackle quartz bullet necklace, the photo doesn't really do it justice or show that cool blue colour hint that it has to it in certain lights. I have a bit of a love affair with amethyst and this necklace is just such a pretty piece of the gorgeous multi faceted stone that it has quickly become one of my favourite necklaces. The bright pink half geode necklace packs a punch with its shimmering, glittering crystal insides and statement colour, this necklace will definitely be packed in my suitcase for my holiday!

Check out Tentative Decisions if you like sparkle, pretty gem stones, bullet necklaces and statement pieces, Thank you Kay for taking part in a swap with me, your pieces are on their way!

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Laura Collins said...

These are such beautiful necklaces! Love the purple crystals xx

The Robyn Diaries said...

Oh I love the Tentative Decisions stuff, you got some gorgeous pieces there :) x

Helen said...

I've never heard of Tentative Decisions but these pieces are stunning! Definitely going on my wish list xxx

Millie said...

aw love the quartz bullet necklace :) x