Jergens Ultra Healing


I was recently sent this bottle of Jergens ultra healing moisturiser. It's described as being for very dry skin, apart from my elbows and knees which are prone to being a bit rougher my skins not all that dry, I suppose sometimes it does need that extra nourishment especially with pre and post holiday maintenance! So far I've used it at least twice a week and it absorbs into my skin like a dream. I burnt my arm the other day on the kettle and thats gone very dry now so I've been using this moisturiser on that to replenish it which seems to be working! I'd recommend for anyone who does have very dry skin but then I can't really compare to many other body moisturisers as I haven't got to many in my reputaire I've usually used body shop type body soufflés which are usually heavenly scented and this is scent free.

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Dancing Branflake said...

I love that it's fragrance free. Great review!

Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence said...

Love the review. And the idea of keeping your brushes in a Starbucks mug (you know my love for Starbucks), so I'll be using that, if you don't mind ;) x