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I'm trying to save some money for dollars before I go on holiday and time is ticking now. It's time to make room in my wardrobe and sell some bits I haven't been wearing recently in hopes that I get some lovely new clothes from San Francisco and will actually have the space for them! I will be adding more over the next couple of days, so keep a look back. I will mention in more current posts or on Twitter when I have! If you're interested in any of these items just drop me an email jaymie89 @

Illmasqua Skin Base Foundation
More then 3/4 of the bottle left.
£2.00 postage

ASOS Valerie flatform size 5
worn only couple of times, great condition no visible wear.
£4.50 P&P

Leopard Primark Jumper
Size 12, perfect worn slightly oversized for a cosy comfy feel. looks great with leather leggings and shorts.
£2.00 p&p

Stripe Topshop skater dress size 10
Excellent condition, stretchy material, low rise back to the dress.
£2.00 p&p

Crystal Bullet Necklace
I featured this necklace on my indie business post and ended up with two as my friend bought me one as well, great minds think a like!
£1 p&p

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Megan Green said...

Hey, if you haven't sold it yet could I buy the jumper? I'll email you!

Megan x