Today Illustration: Afternoom Tea

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Today illustration from ageeees ago now but problems with scanner haven't allowed me to get it on my laptop until now! This is what I wore and did on Saturday the 30th June when I met up with some friends in London for afternoon tea at the Mercure hotel which was really lovely and just what we needed. Strawberries, Sparkling wine, sandwiches, cakes and pots of tea, perfection! Spent the day wondering aimlessly around London beforehand which is sometimes just needed, I love walking around London.

So it's taken me 3 days to manage to log back onto my blog (this happens far to often!) usually it keeps me logged in but for some reason randomly signs me out sometimes and guess what? each time I forget my password and  annoyingly my email linked with it is an old one I don't use anymore and happens to have blocked me out from logging back in, SO each time I play the game of I know what my password is but has some weird number combination after it, that it takes me a while to try each way it could be. I've finally written it done, so fingers crossed it won't happen again!

I'm heading over to stay at my Brothers this evening as I'm finally going into the school where he teaches to observe his class and get a feel of it, because it's almost the end of term we thought it best if I just see what it's like for the morning and then once the new school year starts I can go in and start helping out with projects, crafts etc and get some work experience. As it something I've wanted to do for a while now, My kind of plan (don't feel the need to read on, I am rambling here ha! but I thought some of you might like an insight into my mind)  was for this year to concentrate on starting my business properly and being self employed then get some experience teaching/ assisting then next year just get any paid work as I think I will be able to juggle my business, illustrating and other stuff as well and can save up to travel a bit (still hoping to work in New York next June at a Summer Camp as a councillor/ art based councellor) Then after that hopefully can get more somewhere with becoming a teachers assistant as well as having my own business of coarse! I have to think quite far ahead it's my downfall I'm such a worrier and have to have direction, a little CBT book I have says try not to think to far in advance but I think 2 years isn't to bad and to have some kind of plan is a good thing, right?

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Anthony Carmen said...

So cute!! I love a girly/rock style. :)