Blogger Love: Vicky #GollyGosh


One of my favourite bloggers and generally internet friend (we will meet soon, promise vic!) is Vicky from #GollyGosh we share a love of a good dip dye, stacks of rings, bindis, hippy love and like to geek out to the Channel 5 Once Upon A Time series (feel free to join our Sunday night tweeting sessions about it at 8!) Her blog is full of wearing gorgeous jewellery, beautiful finds, lots of inspirational images and all with her own fun style.

This Week Nutshell:
Primary School, Haircut, Mumma OCs Birthday, Magic Mike, Pinkberry, London, Moonrise Kingdom, Eds Diner, Matthews Yard, Catching up with Amelia. 

1. I started this week by going into the Primary School which my brother teaches at to observe and help out. It was kind of odd to see my Brother in full on teacher mode and to be back in a school environment as I hadn't been to a primary or secondary school since I left when I was 18. I really enjoyed it, being a teaching assistant is something I would really like to do as well as having my own business. Once Summers over I'm going to be going in more regularly, which I'm looking forward to. Help to gain more experience and have it to whack onto my CV.  

2. I've also caught up with some friends this week who I haven't seen in ages. Yesterday I saw my friend Amelia who I hadn't seen in two years! I've missed her so much and won't be going long without seeing her again now, fingers crossed we're going to go to the beach on Wednesday to take advantage of this 'summer' weather this week.

What's everyone been up to this weekend?

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Marta said...

Your illustrations are always amazing! I think you would be a great teacher :)x

Josephine Pearl said...

Your drawings are so good, you such a talented artist :)

Jo. x

Qwerty said...

Amazing illustration, it looks just like her! x