Hanging with a Chai tea latte in Nero and To Do list planning this morning. 

This weeks been all about:
- Aqua Aerobics on a hot night
- New twitter account for Jewellery (@By_Jaymie)
- Jubilee jewellery give-away 
- Seeing Snow White and the Huntsman 
- Chanel bottle necklace featured in Mizz magazine
- Going to Cribs gig in Kingston

Just picked the first winner of The Jubilee jewellery give-away and Sam (@samlikesjam) was the name out of the hat for the bunting ring. Keep on entering you have until the 4th June to enter for all the other 
items that are to be won!

Yesterday Lois (my PR lady) sent me images from the new Mizz magazine which features The Chanel No5 perfume bottle necklace on a must haves type of page, exciting! I shall blog the images soon once I get the magazine myself!

How's everyone planning to spend the Jubilee weekend? I've got really caught up in the excitement once more with these kinds of celebrations. I'm going to the Hyde Park event tomorrow as my friend won tickets. But this evening I'm going to an event at Marie Claire for Lindsey Kelk's new book I heart London, really looking forward to it even though I'm feeling a bit shoddy from last night and lack of sleep, yaaaawn!


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lilyfm said...

That's so cool that your jewellery was featured in mizz! Post a picture! <3

jemmalouise said...

so proud of you <3 miss you, J hope you are well xxx