Primark A/W Lookbook


B&W Blazer £12, Pink Blazer £15, Grey Blazer £21, Khaki with Leather Sleeves £25, Brown Quilted Jacket (price not available) Black Studded Collar Shirt £10.

I am all over these blazers, jackets and shirt from Primarks up-coming A/W range. The colours, shapes and mix of textures. These are high up on my wish list for the Autumn season. I already decided (with the cold weather already being present) that I want to get a brown leather with faux sheepskin jacket... although ever since I saw the jacket Miss Chung is sporting below about 3 years ago I've lusted over it!

Brown Leather Jackets

My wardrobe mainly consists of black, grey, creams colours and of coarse pattern, but mainly darker hues. Although I am currently really feeling acid flashes of colour and definitely want to continue with pops of bright colours with A/W I think the pink blazer would look amazing with the black studded shirt and some lea the trousers or high waisted shorts.

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Gem said...

Wow I woudn't think they're primark, they have quite a few nice pieces!

Rose said...

need the khaki and leather one GAAAH its good for primark!

Bella Luna said...

Leather and Khaki?! Need!!

Pip ♥ said...

Ooh, loving the aviator jackets!

Pip x

Tinuke B said...

I love the blazers! Been promising myself to add blazers as staple pieces to my wardrobe for months as they are so versatile and also brilliant for our weather here in the UK!

Danielle Rose said...

The one with leather is beautiful! Any idea when they are out? xx

Sam Hutchinson said...

Going to be such an amazing season at Primark, I'm excited! A/W always entices me fashion wise more that S/S :-) xxx