Back Again


I've been busy trying to photograph all new pieces and Mythical Collection Unicorns are back (as quite a few of you asked when they would be) bottled necklaces dried flowers, hearts and fairy dust are also back to the shop


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Jaz xo said...

Everything is so so so amazing! LOVE the bunny in a tea cup necklace. Definitely going to be treating myself soon :) Glad to see you've got your lovely kitten too, what a cutie xo

Annarack said...

Love the unicorns especially the blue one and I want me some fairy dust in a bottle, you should put little messages in them like a scroll ;)

Sam Hutchinson said...

Oh wow, these are beautiful pieces! The first unicorn and the fairy dust in particular are just so delicate and precious. Lovely! xxx

Marta said...

Your work is so amazing. I can just watch, cry and hope I'll find something I'm good at ;) xx

Calamity Girl said...

The fairy dust necklace is absolutely charming. xx

Patric Ronald said...

This type of necklace looks so lovely and pretty. Its all is different to other design. You have done great work. .

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