Unfinished Business


Some extracts from one of my sketchbooks of vast un-finished pieces. The second picture is a new blog header I've been working on which contrary to the title is nearly finished since taking the photo I have actually painted it!

I finally went to see The Avengers at the cinema yesterday. I'm such a nerd for superhero films, who else thinks it would be amazing to be one (secret dream! or not so secret now) It's got me itching to watch the previous Captain America, Thor and Iron Man films which I never actually got around to seeing. I'm so excited for the new Dark Knight film *cough* Joseph Gordon Levitt *cough* and even though I don't quite understand the premise of the New Spiderman film (why has it gone right back to the beginning again?) the 3D looks so good in the trailer that it has convinced me also when I was a teenager I loved Spiderman... emo scene. 

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Bella Luna said...

These are incredible! You are crazy talented!

I loved avengers, they are covering our lifts at work atm so I constantly having to look at Iron Man and co ;) Also i did come out of the cinema running about pretending to be a superhero :p

Vicky said...

Lovely work, Jaymie. I'm so glad I'm not the only who's feeling the same after seeing the Avengers last week x

Chantelle Thomas said...

I love seeing people's sketch books. Yours is amazing! The new Dark Knight film looks amazing! I can't believe Anne Hathaway is the bad girl kinda! x

lilyfm said...

I spot the beautiful jack wills dress!

Imogen Smith said...

Can't wait to see the new header! Your work looks great :) I love looking at other peoples ketches and doodles! x

fox hunter said...

grrrrl, this is amazing! u're so so so so talented! i seriously adore all of ur drawings and ur header is just... wow x

fox hunter said...

oh and i've checked ur shop (i knew ur shop before i found ur blogspot- strange isn't it?) and it's fabbbbb! love ur mythical collection necklace with the crytsal quartz and seriously, i looked at that 'mythical'unicorn-drawing for 10 minutes or the like cause it's sooooo amazing! i'm a big fan and ur so talented :-) xxxx

Jaymie said...

That is such a lovely thing to say, thank you so much <3 xxx

Philippa said...

I've just found you, I love a good art blog! I can't wait to see the final header.

I saw Avengers and now I have a crush on captain America (sorry but not sorry) :) xxx

Estilo Hedónico said...

Those are great!!
I love it!!