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Paintings, Dandelions in side garden, Pressed flower from the Spanish Steps Rome.The photo above is of some paintings I've been working on throughout the week. I've started painting a lot more again recently. as I hadn't done so properly in quite some time, makes me realise how much I love it! As I work from home, I usually work in my bedroom/ studio and it can all get a bit reclusive or to familiar so decided to work in the kitchen this week for a different scene which was a good move as the heat has been unbearable this week in my bedroom as my room faces the sun all day and retains the heat and becomes a furnace. 

It's also been my first week of being gluten free (well 5 days) I think it's too early to tell how different I feel in terms of energy and the likes. But I've definitely been eating a whole let fresher food and different varieties. Thanks for all your tips and information in my last post where I mentioned it, I will be sure to post recipes or food ideas as I progress with the diet change!

Yesterday I launced a special commorative Jubilee Jewellery by Jaymie give-away with 5 chances of winning a little something from June 1st up to the 5th. Please enter I would love for a chance of some of you to receive a little package from myself as a thanks for supporting and sticking with me. 

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helen at thelovecatsINC said...

these are lovely!

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These are all really lovely, especially the top two! x

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