Monday Inspiration

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Some recent re-pins on some of my Pinterest boards that I am finding particularly dreamy and incandescent. 

I spent the weekend having cocktails in Fulham Broadway on Friday night at Vintage (Seriously good cocktails!) and then the rest of the weekend with one of my best friends. Watching films and catching up at her house before doing a carboot sale for some extra pocket money. Which resulted in me feeling very lazy all of Sunday and pretty much just mooching in my room watching channel 5 films, trying to finish the first Walking Dead series and finishing the Virgin Suicides book, very productive... clearly! What did you all get up to?

This weeks going to be quite a hectic one though as got some new designs I want to try and make, Adding new pieces to the shop, Illustrations I want to finish, Sketchbook, Spreadsheets & accounts etc etc etc. 

P.S Check out the new bracelets I added to the shop over the weekend. Peruvian friendship bracelet bundles for only £5 and dreamcatcher bracelets.

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Tegan said...

love these pics. sounds like an awesome weekend - cocktails and friends :) xo