Jubilee Jewellery Give-Away


Stripy single triangle bunting ring, Iconic Queen Jubilee ring, Crown Jewels ring, Crowning Queen necklace and Bowler Hat necklace.
All rings are adjustable silver plated so will fit any sized fingers and necklaces are silver plated 18' chain.

To celebrate all things British and with the Jubilee season is truly upon us. I thought it only fitting to run a give-away with 'Rule Britannia' themed pieces from Jewellery by Jaymie

 The give-away will run until the 5th of June but winners will start being picked from 1st June (you can see below the items you can win on each day) There are 5 chances of winning a little something to commemorate the special Diamond Jubilee of 2012.

1st June - Bunting Ring
2nd June - Bowler Hat Necklace
3rd June - Crown Jewels Ring
4th June - Jubilee Queen Ring
5th June - Crowning Queen Necklace

How to Enter:

You have up to three different ways in which you can enter (can enter just the once or all 3 up to you... more chances to win though!)
- Follow me on GFC and comment below, with what you would do if you could be a Queen for the day.
- Follow me on twitter (@JaymieOC) and Tweet about the give-away including me in tweet so I will see it and be able to favourite it.
-Anwser a few questions to do with my jewellery via email (provide your email and say you would also like to enter this way to) so that I can get some feedback and see what you might like to see in the future, which would be a massive help and interesting for me to see!

I will be writing down everyones name who enters (so if you enter 3 times your name will be in there 3 times obviously) and then all the names will be put into a bowler hat (probably more a fedora!) because it's so very british and will pick out the winners this way starting from the 1st of June. Good Luck and God bless the Queen!

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Jaz xo said...

Love this giveaway!
I follow you via GFC and would happily answer some questions to do with your jewellery, just email: jasmimebourne@hotmail.co.uk

Jaz xo said...

Oh I missed the what I would do if I was Queen for a day. I'd spent all day with the corgis! xo

Issy said...

I love your stuff!
Email: isabelle_bayman@hotmail.co.uk

If I were the queen for a day, I would enjoy this wonderful british sunshine in the palace garden!


Sam Hutchinson said...

If I was the Queen for a day I'd post an OOTD of me in all my diamonds and flowing crushed velvet gowns then prance through London giving the Royals a much needed injection of street cred!
I would happily answer some questions - samirific@live.co.uk
Good luck everyone :-)
(I'm also going to tweet you now, @samlikesjam)

Eloise said...

follow you by gfc and if i was queen i would spend the day wandering round the palace - bet it's beautiful inside!

eloise xxx

Annarack said...

This is a great giveaway. If I was the Queen for a day I would sit on my throne and have a cup of tea with cheese scone and I would have a big concert in my banquet hall and party in my crown, robes and JC Lolita shoes.
I love the crown ring and Bowler hat especially :)
I have also tweeted your giveaway, so that 2 entries.

Emma B. said...

If I was Queen for the day I think I'd try and make the most of it and travel to as many places as I can with my private plane. Donate crazy amounts of money to charities along the way. Ummmm go to Maccy D's for a Happy Meal (because that would look ridiculous and make people smile) and finally party with the family!
Karaoke with Prince Harry? Yes please!

My email is loadofchic@gmail.com so feel free to send me questions!


Danielle Rose said...

Amazing designs I love the queen :]I follow via GFC. x

Danielle Rose said...

I follow you on twitter and I've tweeted @_dani_elle

Danielle Rose said...

and I'll happily answer questions my email is : daniellerose-smith@hotmail.co.uk
and my blog is www.ablogfromblackpool.com


sophieraee said...

if i were queen for a day, i would order lots of macaroons, and spend the day with Kate&Wills in the garden with the dogs. then in the evening have a fabulous party in the palace! i would like to enter with the email thing also pretty please!<3